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UHF Channel 22 & 23 – A Clarification

Recently there has been some discussion on various radio groups surrounding the appropriate use of UHF CB channels 22 and 23. Some confusion surrounding the rules surrounding these channels has ensued during the course...


EEVBlog tears down UHF CB walkie talkies

Dave Jones of EEVBlog fame has put together a comprehensive video tearing down two different UHF walkie talkies and provides some facinating information about how radio technology has changed over the past 20 years.


27Mhz down, but not yet out

It is easy to dismiss 27Mhz CB as a relic of a bygone era, but a dedicated group of enthusiasts is keeping the band alive. Whilst no longer the tool of choice for local...


Choosing the right antenna for your UHF base station

Foreward Any self-respecting CB radio enthusiast generally has a base station installed at their house. Whilst the purpose and types of stations vary wildly, most users leverage the additional space and mounting infrastructure available...